Thursday, October 07, 2004

My BLOG to do list

-:Start a time clock on the 1260 days or 3 1/2 time complete with an explanation of why it has already began expiring.
-: make more clarification on the "Man of Perdition", expand what has been currently written and make further scriptural reference which identify/reveal him.
-: Write a letter to the annointed (evil or faithfull)saints which explains that it is this Generation upon who "all these things will be brought to a finish".
-: Design and write a form letter to the ruling Kings and Presidents of each nation.
Done -: Invite people to email friends at end of each post.
-: put a link in my blog to Andrei Oh'kolotov's Tunguska forum.
Done -: 1914 date. Give better connection of Daniel 7 times prohecy to Jesus Christ using scripture. Refrain from mentioning "Gentile Times" as this is used to contend the date by apostates et al.
-: Examine Tunguska Event Testimonies through Bible scripture.
-: Link to e-watchman page - (lots of views to my page from there)
-: find more ways to get exposure to world
Done - -: Use posts as magazine queries
-: explain consequence of JC manifestation to Jewish world wide community
-: explain prophetic consequnce to annointed "saints"
-: figure out how to insert graphics
Done some - Keep doing -: invite theological seminaries to view blog.
-: invite J4J groups to contemplate blog.
Done - Keep Doing -: invites eshatological and prophetic interest.
-: point out correspondance to non-fiction version of "left behind" series audiance.

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