Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blog News

20/Feb/05 - Explained how "Man of Perdition could be Revealed"
10/Feb/05 - Wrote about Crop Circle and scriptural implications.
21/Oct/04 - New Post "Manifestations of Angelic presence during the Tunguska Event"
20/Oct/04 - New post "God's Glory Manifested at the Tunguska Event! "
19/Oct/04 - Included invite to email friends at the end of each post.
19/Oct/04 - Edited "how the year 1914 was calculated" to include more scriptural connection to Jesus Christ.
18/Oct/04 - Sent invite to Tunguska Forum hosted by Andrei O'hkolotov. Must remember to put a link in my blog to his forum when I can figure out how to do this.
18/Oct/04 - Have my first comment. Answered it in the Q&A post.
18/Oct/04 - Have a new guestbook entry from Rick. Might be a Jewish Connection?
18/Oct/04 - Changed title of post to "Tangible Evidence of Jesus Christ's Manifestation"
17/Oct/04 - Sent "Armchair Archeology" as a query to several different hard copy archeological and scientific Magazine Editors. I hope they are positive.
16/Oct/04 - Answered first question from Guestbook
16/Oct/04 - Started a Q&A post to answer questions from Guestbook and comments
16/Oct/04 - Fixed some grammar and spelling in the Post- Jesus Christ's Manifestation.
15/Oct/04 - Added explanation of how 1914 is calculated using biblical chronology
15/Oct/04 - Added Acoustic Blues tune to my profile. Blues by Josh Graves.
15/Oct/04 - Added Guest book - When I can afford it I should include one which has no ads!
14/Oct/04 - Finished Post - Jesus Christ's Manifestation
14/Oct/04 - Edited and added info to Jesus Christs Manifestation.
14/Oct/04 - Getting average 29 views per day.
08/Oct/04 - Started BLOG

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